Saturday, 22 March 2014

Days 21 - 45 Happy Days


21- Wimpy Coffee // 22- Smooth Legs // 23- Finished The Book Thief // 24- Bad day and the best part was that the day was over// 25- Uptothemoon ran her race and came second, super proud of her! 


26- New Recipe Lemon Cream Cake // 27- People with power using their influence for good// 28- Pancakes // 29- Ash Wednesday (faith) // 30- Football jokes 


31- my Mom and Dad are awesome on this particular day they killed an insect for me! // 32- sushi with my bestie// 33- kids, they see life so differently // 34- reading Blohs and watching Greys! // 35- anticipation

36- My parents celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary //37- my cousin's baby bump has grown so much// 38- getting to see one of my friends get married // 39- Good fortunae cookie advice// 40- My Blog turned 1!!!

41- I got to visit Uptothemoon// 42- TDL email, helped me feel sane //43- Dstv Cat Up // 44- My fav take out, Nandos // 45- Naps!!! got to love them

Are you still considering joining the 100 Happy days challenge? Do it, you'd be surprised how quickly it passes! Plus there's something really heartwarming in acknowledging when something made you happy that day. I'm almost half way through and it's awesome :) 

What made you happy today?? 

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