Friday, 7 March 2014

My Reaction to ATM Fraud

Not sure if you saw my rants on Facebook or Twitter yesterday but I was woken up yesterday morning with the calls and text messages from my bank regarding possible fraudulent use of one my cards (there are two for this particular account) and this is how I fee about it.

Phone rings and continuous text messages wake me up before my alarm

Me reading test messages and listening to voice mails

first reaction:

realization that the call was important

Then on the phone with the Bank's team

Oh wait I have to go to two banks to sort it out

And while I could continue to describe my feelings to the whole situation I am glad the bank contacted me but the entire situation is annoying and well after a week of crappy ways to wake up (or battling to sleep) at least I got a post out of it!

How's your week been and more importantly, what are your weekend plans?

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