Sunday, 16 March 2014

One Year Later Of Blogging

I realised this morning that today marks the anniversary of my first blog post (which was not on Blogger) but it's sort of weird how one year of blogging catches up with my train of thought today.

You know I wanted to start a blog for a number of years, I had been thinking about it and then last year I decided to just do it.  I was reading about three or four blogs when I started and had no idea what blogging actually entailed.

A year later and I am a little disappointed in myself, because I find that although I have a blog and I love it at times I've felt myself not be me at times.

Now my fellow bloggers are probably  thinking well of course you're not because you have to do what your readers want and blog about what they want to read about and while I love the people who read my ramblings for visiting my little piece of the World Wide Web but I have also recently taken some time to reflect and remember that I still want my blog to be very ME. You see, I didn't start this blog because I wanted readers or stats or prizes I just wanted a space where I could say what was going on with me or what I was doing or what I was thinking and if it resonated with other people then GREAT, if not, I think I'll survive.

Also I've noticed that a lot of bloggers give away things for their Blogiversary but I haven't figured out what that could be so who knows when I'll figure it out.

It's also kind of incredible to realise how much my life has changed in the last 12 months and while I'm trying to figure out what's going to happen in the next 12 months of my life, my blog is going to reflect the changes too.

So I am just going to continue being me in life and my blog because I like my brand of me! I want to continue to be honest and true to myself and you.

What has happened in the last year of your life?

PS: Thank You for reading my little world! Happy Dance!

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