Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Writers Block

Can I even call myself a writer? I mean writing here, in my little space of the cyber world, is that "writing"? I know it's no Shakesphere... but it's something, right?

So I am sort of freaking out because in two weeks time, I turn 27 years old. How the hell did that even happen?

In all honesty I tend to freak out a bit towards my birthday, much more that I do compared to any other event because I always used my birthday as the benchmark for where I saw myself by a certain time.

So anyway, while I deal with the inevitable freak out of what it means  for me to be 27 all the while staying present, I'll leave you with this simple question.. is this what life is about now?

Am I asking for too much?

This is my life, in it's simplest illustration

I found all the illustrations in this great article about 27 Shocking and Unexpected Facts You Learn in Your Twenties.

Anyway, I just realised that I didn't actually mention the fact that I am suffering from writers block due to the impending birthday however... let me go on with my day... have a good Tuesday all!

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