Monday, 27 January 2014

Music Monday :Grammy Fashion

Hello there! Here we are with a brand spanking new week ahead of us and why not have some fun with the Grammy Fashion?

Growing up, the Grammy's Awards Show was the one award show I would always watch because I sorta love music!

So here we go.

Katy Perry in Valentino - OMW! Love! I am a  bit upset that it didn't photograph as fantastic as it looked on TV.

Paris Hilton -  House of Milano - This dress is stunning. I like that from the front it's covered up sophisticated and then she turns and it's super sexy. Definitely one of the best dressed of the night for me!

Taylor Swift - Gucci - Unfortunately this is another dress that did not photograph as well as I think it looked but even though Taylor is known for her sparkly dresses, I really liked this one especially that she pulled her hair back. It's simple and pretty.

Colbie Caillat - Ezra Santos - This is so dainty and subtly sexy

Austin Mahone - I don't really know him, but I watched him in his red carpet interview with Giuliana and he was so cute!

My favourite couple - Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

While I'm sure I've missed some great dresses but I decided these are my favs. Also, in the spirit of the new week I am not going to post the dresses I didn't like or rather the dirty hair look (cough Sara Barrellies) because I am hoping she is never a repeat offender!

My Music Monday post needs some music, so here is one of the winning songs 

Anyway.. hope all of you have an amazing week - January 2014 is almost over!!

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