Thursday, 16 January 2014

Bay Harbour Market

On Sunday my mom wanted to try out a craft market she had heard about and it was not what I expected, at all.

We took a drive  through Cliffton to Hout Bay which is ordinarily a beautiful drive but when this drive lead to this market I was so surprised. I have been to Hout Bay so many times and never noticed this place. In fact, from outside, you can't imagine that inside is very similar to the Old Biscuit Mill or Neighbourgoods.

The vibe inside is fun with lovely mix of locals and tourists dancing along to the free live band.

We had had breakfast in the morning and we instantly regretted it because the food looked amazing.

I decided to embrace the experience and let the lady braid my hair with a little bit of pink and to be honest, it made me miss my pink streak!

If you're in and around Cape Town, you should definitely go by the vibe is contagious and you are guaranteed to leave there in a good mood!

Anyway, go try it out and let me know what you think? Do you know any other places in Cape Town I can try?
Oh did I mention that I am still in Cape Town??? What am I doing here? Being a nomad and it's a story for another day.

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