Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 According To My iPod

Happy New Year Everyone!! If you didn't see my tweet I just wanted to wish all of you the very best for this year, I can feel great things are going to happen!

I do this thing with my iPod, I keep it on shuffle and the first song I hear for the day will be an indication of what my year turns out to be like and in a weird way, it usually works out.

I realised I hadn't listened to anything for the year so this morning, I thought the first song I play will be my song for the year and then I decided to check the whole year out.I did not plan on my first post for the year being another list this one is a list with a twist. I have so many different genres on my phone from Spanish lessons to Kriss Cross to Adele to Drake and these are the results!

While I realise it is not a science or anything which can be predicted, it was fun so here it goes.

What I should expect for 2014.I was going to include some sort of commentary but once you see the songs you'll understand why I did not.

Song of the year  - The Script "I'm Yours"

January - DJ Kent feat The Arrows " Spin My World Around" 

February - Amy Winehouse "Rehab" 

March - One Direction " One Thing" 

April - P!nk "Family Portrait" 

May - P!nk "There You Go" 

June - Justin Bieber "Baby" 

July - One Direction " I Would" 

August - Spice Girls " 2 Become 1" 

September - Hillsong "Still" 

October - Monica " 'Cross The Room" 

November - Pitbull " Don't Stop The Party" 

December - Justin Bieber "Never Say Never (Acoustic)" 


And if that isn't a random enough - the first song I heard for the year (that I remember) is this one.....

Seems like this is going to be one interesting year!!!!

Side Note: Today is my mom's birthday and she's the bestest in the world! I aspire to more like her everyday!

What do you think of the year ahead according to my iPod? Try it and tell me what may happen to you!

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