Thursday, 5 September 2013

Where did the last Two weeks go?

While I'm not sure about you, I can tell you exactly what I did with the last 2 weeks of my life!

Yes, I'm back from my eurotrip and to be honest it sucks to be back! I mean I love my family and my life here but I absolutely adored every moment of proving to myself I was capable of more than I ever thought I was. 

Before I continue, thank you SO MUCH to my guest bloggers, here are there posts.... and especially to one of my favourite bloggers, Meghan Silva bucket list post,  was exactly the type of post I would do so I knew you would appreciate it! And while I'm sending out thanks let me say, I really missed blogging and reading all my blogs so I will be a busy lady in the coming weeks.

Back to my trip, I think I'll have to do posts for my different towns that I visited but ill mix it up with other posts so you don't get too tired of only travel posts! 

If you haven't noticed yet or you don't link to my blog of the web then you wouldn't have seen I have uploaded a gadget which allows you to see my Instagram pics which I've uploaded and let me tell you that is the absolute bare minimum of what I wanted to Instagram!

While I have so much to say about all the places I've seen I wanted to state now, at the beginning of my travel post recaps - this was hard. Traveling alone is difficult especially because it was the first time I travelled using hostels and you know what?! I learned a lot about myself!
I'm so excited to share my trip with all of you as I am certain it is indicative of big things to come but here's some of my favourite moments of my trip and pictures (if I have them) 

*seeing my friends from my masters class, Julia and Oliver in Germany, they were the ones who invited me to visit Germany and seeing them after almost four years was awesome! They were truly the best hosts!

* Seeing some friends I made in my previous Ireland Trip, in 2010, and just getting a chance to hang out

*I really loved Heidelberg, Germany, and even though I may have complained to Oli about the walking the place was just so picturesque

* Notre Dame in Strasbourg, France, was incredible. The picture says enough for now.

* the first time I walked into the Grand Palace Market in Brussels, Belgium  - I was literally left speechless! 

* making new friends along the way from the lovely people that Juls and Oli introduced me too to the people I met in airports and hostels! 

* The Cliffs of Moher : Ireland

And lastly, this may be my favourite of the entire trip.. Walking into Taffs, a pub in Galway and a live traditional band were singing "Galway Girl" = bliss 

So that's the highlights, for now.. There will be much more to come :) 

Have you heard of any of the places I've mentioned? have you been there? Tell me about it, I missed hearing from all of you! 


Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Sounds like an absolutely amazing trip! Can't wait to hear more about it. Welcome back!

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

awesome pictures girl. Cant wait to hear from you. I am glad you had a blast. Sucks you didnt want to come back. Now back to the real world huh?