Friday, 27 September 2013

Blogtember, 23 Sep 2013, Life Lately

Monday, September 23: A "life lately" post. What you're up to, how you're feeling, how you're doing on your goals, etc. Bonus points for great photos!

As mentioned in yesterday's post, I have been struggling to adapt to life post my Eurotrip 2013 but it is what has been happenig.. here are some picutres to explain how I have been feeling and what has been happening

This is me in Galway, Ireland

Spending time with my family

This has been my mindset
Unfortunately this is what my weekdays are like
I have been suffering with this!
The picture explains it all
 This is how I have been feeling

This is my motivation at work, I've been depending on it heavily lately

How has life been treating you recently??? 



meghan silva said...

Sounds like you have some intense decisions to make on the future, but on the positive atleast you are wanting more from life and that is always an amazing thing.

Meg |

Nats ~Coral Tinted Perceptions said...

I definitely have some big decisions to make but the funny thing, I finally decided to just let God truly take control and I'm just waiting for the next set of instructions :)
Someone told me the other day that my expectations are too high and I thought.. is that what's been holding me back for all these years but then I gave it some reflection and realised it's giving people who want to limit other's abilities and expectations that have been holding me back so I decided to just smile and nod AND keep plannning quietly :)

Victoria said...

I also have the same decisions to make. I do relate with the wanderlust feelings...

Nats ~Coral Tinted Perceptions said...

Good luck with your decisions honey x