Monday, 23 September 2013

I am blessed and if you're reading this so are you!

This weekend, I got to take an impromptu trip with my parents to Durban. We drove on Saturday afternoon, arrived on Sunday, went for dinner with my family to celebrate the milestone birthdays within last week.

I decided to give into my spontaneous side, which I thought I left in Ireland (I promise I will post about it soon!) but I went with it and ended up in Durban for a good 27 hours until I would have to hop on a plane and fly back to Joburg. The weather in Durban wasn't that great (like the last time I went) but it was still fun and comforting to be with loved ones.

Dinner was really good on Sunday, in fact the only person missing was my brother who had prior arrangements with his cricket game. Maybe I should add that my dad's side of the family is but big. there were over 20 something of us there.. relaxing, eating and talking. It's amazing how you can just be with your family and find such comfort.

It's actually strange that this week I was with my dad's side of the family but last week Sunday, my mom's side of the family got together to picnic which was also sooooo much fun.

That would be Reason 1 why I am blessed.

Reason 2 : On Sunday morning, I got to have an amazing hot stone massage and it was really reasonably priced!It was my first hot stoned massage and I really enjoyed it, in fact straight after it, I went for a nap before just hanging out with my parents and then off to Sun Coast where I got to spend some quality time with Megan.

Reason 3 : When I arrived in Joburg last night, it was safe enough for me to wait for my brother to pick me up and I stood their secure in this knowledge.

While, Reason 3 seems arbitary, it is the moment I felt this post was necessary. There have been some really HORRIFIC things happening with a child hitting his teacher in Johannesburg last week, bombings in Pakistan and shootings in the Westagte Shopping Mall in Kenya.

There is so much of pain currently in the world and I don't even know if you read the news but these events have been so intense it's been in my face and it's frightening and overwhelmingly sad! All I keep thinking is I am so blessed that despite all the chaos going around I am warm, safe and alive.

And if you are in a position to read this, you are blessed too! Embrace it!!!

Have a great week!


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