Monday, 30 September 2013

Blogtember : 30 Sep 2013 - Something Treasured Through Time

So after my previous post earlier today I wasn't in the mood to post but then I thought... participating for most of the month of September - I should do myself a favour and keep to the last day! SO here it goes....
Monday, September 30: Share a photo of something old. Maybe something that has personal history for you, that was passed down to you, and that has special meaning to you. Tell us about it and why it's special.
Our first meeting
Ok maybe Uptothemoon isn't exactly old but in terms of her racing days.. they are definitely numbered. I am not someone who would be considered an animal lover. I mean I love animals but I don't usually allow them too close because I've had to say goodbye to too many of my pets that I loved. But Uptothemoon changed all that.
We bought our share of Uptothemoon three years ago, she was two years old.  We waited nine months before she ran her first race but in those initial nine months, I connected with her in one of the biggest ways. I've often tried to explain why it is I love her so much even though she is "just" a race horse but the truth is, she has the most incredible temperament. I didn't fully comprehend that until  I started visiting her more and just chatting to her. 
I don't think there are enough words to explain how much of a calmness I feel when I am around her. Even when I am feeling off, she picks up on it and she can either try to cheer me up by hugging me or chewing my hair OR she can decide to be off and pull away from me.
I knew her and I had a connection but when I moved to Cape Town and she stayed in Johannesburg, I missed her so much and when I visited her - I could feel that she missed me! But then others started noticing that she was calmed by me or excited by my presence or upset by it. I've also taught her to pose whenever the camera is around ... she even knows when we are doing self portraits  : )
Do you have anything old that you treasure? Have you ever connected to an animal?


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