Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Blogtember : Tues, 24 Sep 2013 : Review Something

Tuesday, September 24: Review a book, place, or product.
Today's review goes to Tyler Perry's Temptations, Confessions of a Marriage Counsellor.
I hired this movie last night, yes you can still do that but I ended up falling asleep by 9pm and not watching it.
A couple of months ago when my parents and aunt watched this movie they completely raved about it and said it was "Amazing" "Life Changing" "Eye-opening".. I'm sure you can understand why it is I wanted to watch it.
Then the guy at the video shop said "Everyone who had watched the movie took something different from it". So I was clearly intrigued.
I won't go into the details of the content of the film but here's the trailer for it....
While I knew everything that was going to happen (due to my parents who told me) I was still intrigued and it was worth it. I think the movie highlights many different things including but not limited to:
* How important image is
* How important it is to pay attention to your partner
* Monogamy should not equal monotony
* If it looks like trouble, trust your instincts!
* When you love someone, you can forgive and forget but it doesn't mean you have to rewind and repeat
* When you chose to settle for something (albeit a relationship, a man, a job etc) you eventually get fed up.
Here's a song from the movie which was really interesting...
Have you watched the movie? What did you think?
As a side note, in South Africa, today is a public holiday - National Heritage Day and in light of all the events happening around the world, Africa and particularly SA, it is nice to take a time out and remember why being South African is great. I have many reasons including traveling to other countries (which I posted about here and here) and realising that South Africans are really nice and friendly and South Africa' local talent is getting more exposure (remember this post?) and mostly I love the fact that there is no "typical" South African because despite everything... we are truly a Rainbow Nation. Charlize and Nelson Mandela are great exports but I think I do my country proud too! 



meghan silva said...

Now I am curious about this movie, but I adore all things Tyler Perry. They always have a such a powerful message to it. Hope you had an awesome heritage day.

Meg | meghansilva.blogspot.com

Nats ~Coral Tinted Perceptions said...

I must be honest Meg, I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch the movie but with so many interesting reviews, it still surprised me. Watch it and tell me what you think???
Heritage day was so chilled, I loved it! Hope you're having a good (short) week :)

Victoria said...

I love Tyler Perry movies, still need to watch this one... xoxo

Nats ~Coral Tinted Perceptions said...

Let me know what you think once you watch it babe! I'd love to hear what you thought?