Monday, 26 August 2013

Guest Post : Meghan Silva : Sky's the limit

Hi guys, I am so happy to be guest posting on Coral tinted perceptions, I hope you having a gorgeous time in Europe Natalie I am totally green haha . So today I decided I have to share some of whats on my Bucket list with you guys as Europe happens to be one so it just seems so fitting. If you read my blog you will be well aware of my Food Bucket list but I do have one about general life. I think having goals and wishes for the future really is so important( well at least to me) it helps keep you excited and optimistic about the future.

1) I would love to sail somewhere around the world and I don't mean on a cruise ship I mean on an actual sailboat.

2) Visiting Paris is a total must for me.

3) Grow my own fruit and vegetables (since eating healthy costs an arm and a leg).

4) Take a photography course.

5) Learn how to ride a bike (yes people I had parents who didn't teach me to ride a bike *looking at my parents as I type this*).

6) Take a girls weekend trip once a year.

7) Have a regular game night once a month.

8) Learn at least 3 new languages in my life.

9) Have a kid one day (to teach how to ride a bike).

10) Do something that will make a difference in this world.

There's more but I will leave it at that, I hope you enjoyed this post I have to know what is one thing that is on your bucket list? Care to share?


Unknown said...

I'm working on my vegetable garden and loving it a lot so next move is to grow a fruit garden. Vising the romantic city of Paris is definitely on my list and learning Spanish, Portuguese and Germany is on the list as well.

Nice post Meghan.

Naaj xx

Unknown said...

Lovely post...thanks for sharing your bucket list....I just love it :) Mwah xxx

Leandri said...

I would love to travel the world to taste all the different cultural eats. Such as India and Canada.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Those are awesome things!!! You're going to do it! They're very doable.

Unknown said...

I love your goals. I also want to have a girls weekend once a year and get together with all my old friends far away and states apart. :( Have a good day dear and stop by soon! xx Pip

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awhite said...

Oooh, I would LOVE to take a photography course. :) Great post, doll!


~Anchored In Christ~ said...

I would love to travel and take as many photographs as possible

Chantelle said...

Your bucket list is the perfect mix. Fun things that are within your reach. Good luck with crossing them all off your list!