Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Days 11 - 20 of Happy

I'm a little bit late on the recap of days 11- 20 of being happy but it's only because I haven't had a chance to.

Have you started the challenge? If so how far are you? It really is about the simple things in life. (You can check out my first recap here.

Day 11 - Cape Town was hit with one huge heatwave and with my body aching my mom spoilt me with a Thai Massage. In Johannesburg there are tons of Thai Massage Spas around but here I have battled. Anyway, the masseuse does not speak much English and Na Bua have provided a helpful list of necessary communication.

Day 12 - As I mentioned the heatwave, we took a drive out to a town on the West Coast and the Ice-Cream was definitely a happy moment for me!!!

Day 13 -  Reading makes me very happy! I absolutely love reading, always have, always will and I absolutely agree with this quote, a good book should leave you exhausted!

Day 14 - After spending some time with one of my besties who was visiting Cape Town and I realized that there are various reasons why I made this list up but I thought really hard about it and I think I have all of them listed... do you think I missed any type of friend a girl should have?

Day 15 - The view at dinner at the V & A Waterfront, the food was delicious and the view equally so.

Day 16 - Cousins - one of my cousins helped me out with a recipe I wanted to try and it was so effortless for her to go out of her way for me. 

Day 17 - My frozen Chai Tea was AMAZING!

Day 18 - On my way to pick someone up ad the simple view of Cape Town just made me smile... 

Day 19 - My biggest pet peeve is dirty hair so my happy moment was just after I washed my hair. I feel like I should clarify, my hair is NEVER dirty but the only thing worse than dirty hair is hair which looks dirty. 

Day 20 - cooking new dishes! This is some fresh yellowtail fish and it was incredibly delicious!

SO that's been my last few days - how's yours been?Remember you can follow the next 80 with #100HappyDaysCTP on Instagram and Twitter..

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