Monday, 24 February 2014

The Best Man Holiday

While the festive season is well behind us and we are all moving towards Easter, for whatever reason The Best Man Holiday only released in South Africa a little over a week ago.

I was beyond excited when I saw that this movie was coming out because the first movie, which could have stayed the only movie is one of my favourites. While it was never going to win an Oscar, it was the perfect feel good, RomCom! In 1999, I was in Grade 7 and I loved this movie... in fact I think that's when I started looking at my friends around me thinking... "they would make an interesting character in my book."  And while, I still haven't written that book, I loved the soundtrack through the years.

I digress, the movie released here on Valentine's Day and while it was a Holiday film it definitely could be the perfect date movie. That's if you don't mind your date, sniffing her/his tears away!

There are so many things I loved about this movie, the fact that all the character were back, the fact that you could tell they had aged, and gone through things that a lot of people I know have done and a reminder that your past can always come back to bite you in the behind (sometimes the feelings too).

The Best Man Holiday was funny hilarious (as in you were LITERALLY LAUGHING YOUR ASS OFF) one minute and holding back tears the next. Terrence Howard reprises Quentin perfectly. He is the one you look for to lighten any moment in the film and he doesn't disappoint.  Harper (Taye Diggs) is tightly wound up due to well, him being Harper. I always see the potential of fun and then his reality. Morris Chestnut as Lance was once again the perfect picture of a man in love (minus his cheating ways in college), he is a man who treats his wife like a Queen.

When the movie ended, there were tons of people just saying how much they enjoyed the film and how much good it was and I definitely echoed their thoughts. I didn't mind that the first movie was released in 1999 because the script to this one was perfectly written to make me love there characters again. Again, there will be no Oscars but you will feel good after the movie. I promise!

While I could talk type about this movie a lot longer, it is Monday, and you and I both have stuff we need to do!

Go watch the movie or if you have watched it, share with me your thoughts?

And some music from back in the day to start your week off... (one of my favourite parts of the movie!)

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