Thursday, 20 February 2014

Pretty Peaceful Paternoster

This last weekend while Cape Town was undergoing a heatwave and I was literally melting away on Sunday we decided to take a drive to Paternoster which is just under two hours away from Cape Town.

I remembered watching a Masterchef South Africa and during Season One they went to Paternoster because the seafood was so fresh and boy there were not lying!

The restaurant they went to in Masterchef was closed for lunch so we tried this restaurant Voorstrandt.  it was so hot that I couldn't east even half of my food which really upset me because the calamari and prawns were as fresh as they described it on the show.

My parents - married for almost 31 years!

My lovely mom!

Delicious calamari and tempura prawns

These cocktails look good but tasted mine ( the one on the left) basically tasted like vodka and well vodka. GROSS!

A panoramic view of the beach 

Love this sign

Have you ever been to Paternoster? Don't you just love places like this?

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