Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Tuesday Thought - Know When to Walk Away

If you hear ant of these lines, he 's definitely breaking up with you. Walk away with as much dignity as you can muster.

1.It's not you, it's me
2. You're such a sweet girl...
3. I just need time to find myself.
4. I'm not ready for a serious relationship, or a casual one, or any relationship.... with you
5.You're better off without me/too good for me/beneath me
6. I'm moving away/don't have a long time to live.
7. I can't see you anymore. This whole thing is just making me ill.
8. If you were slimmer, had red hair and didn't have the deformed toe, I think I could marry you.
9. I think I'm allergic to your saliva.
10.I want to be free to be with someone who agrees with me about things.
11.It's not your fault, I just feel like I don't want to see your big fat face anymore.
12.If I were ready for love, it wouldn't be with you.
13. If you wanted sex more often, I wouldn't need to sleep with anyone else.
14. I find the smell of you off-putting.
15. My ex is haunting me.
This is an extract from my current book, Never Google Heartbreak by Emma Garcia. I am almost done with it but it's really funny and relatable. I actually know people who have heard some of the above mentioned excuses.
Is this extract missing any options out?  Have you heard anything like these or worse? Come on, share your knowledge...

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