Monday, 4 November 2013

Hi, my name is Natalie and I'm a technoogy hoarder

Firstly - can you believe we are already 5 days into November? This year is GONE and boy am I glad.

Secondly, an update on how I did with my October mindset....

1.Spanish lessons : I finally completed the first disc of my Spanish lessons and I will move onto disc two. BUT does anyone know of some good Spanish Apps I could maybe download? Or even better.. spanish music? I love music and I think if I could sing along to some music I would learn the meaning and pronounciation better?
2. I failed at the physical activity 4 times a week. I wish I had a reason worth repeating  but I don't HOWEVER, I did purchase a nice new piece of equipment, the Orbitrek which now doubles as a stepper and elipitical walker. So after paying a big lump sum for it I will be sure to be getting my exercise on.
3. Booking another trip - well I did accomplish this but it sort of happened by accident. As I did this post, Liverpool announced that the Legends team were en route to South Africa but they would be playing at the Moses Mabida Stadium so ofcourse I booked tickets and I will be off to Durban in just under two weeks!
4. Another one I failed at, I haven't decided what to do with my blog design but I have given it a lot of thought and I think it will be a work in progress until the new year.
Now back to the original post idea. It occured to me, as it has many times before, that I am very much into social media and different forms of communication and then while on lunch yesterday I realised I keep a lot of unnecessary mails and then I started going through my Bloglovin account and then twitter and then facebook and I came to the conclusion that I have a hard time letting go.

I have mails since the day I started my current position(last year October) and I have blogs that I follow or subscribe to which I maybe liked one post but not any other or I follwed people on twitter because I once liked one of the TV shows they were in and thought that their TV charcters would automatically make them interesting people. I was wrong. I have people who requested me as a friend on Facebook when I joined and thought it was ok to accept even though I didn't know them and I am yet to delete them?
BUT all this just reaffirmed my shock which I went through over the weekend when I got a very nice pop up meassage on my phone to day that I don't have any more space to take any more pictures! I was horrified, I mean I archieve and delete unnecessary pictures when I absolutely have to.
All this made me think WHY? Why am I not letting go of the deadwood? But I realised I don't like letting go. I have this fear that I will miss a really great post or someone I met once and now we're Facebook friends and I need to know when she's getting married and having kids? Or why I would follow people on twitter just for the sake of having some different people on my timeline?

I decided, I've had enough. I am putting everyone on probation. Just like how with clothing items I haven't used or even wanted to use in the last year - I am getting rid of it all. I just feel as if I am carrying extra deadwood for nothing. I started by deleting about 1000 of the 2899 photographs I had on my phone and then getting rid of music that I don't like or apps that no longer serve any purpose. Come on Natalie, the Euros 2012 App cannot help you in November 2013!
So the purging begins and I think it is perfect timing. There are a lot of things happening in my life right now... and I need to make sure only the relevant survive. And while Android and Apple finally have BBM, I am going to be very selective in who I add to yet another social media platform.
I just feel like any people who hoard clothes or old items, that by me holding onto all these additional people for no good reason that I am holding myself back from letting the right people into my life or creating space for the people who matter.

Are you a technology hoarder like me? Or do you hoard something else?


Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Learning the language through music is a good idea. Or what if you rented a movie in Spanish with English subtitles?

Nats ~Coral Tinted Perceptions said...

That's a great idea but I don't know if I can rent Spanish movies here.. I will have to look into it :)