Friday, 15 November 2013

November Football Fun!

This month is turning out to be extremely exciting (in certain aspects) because a certain person (ME!) gets to watch not one but two teams I absolutely LOVE within days....

I wish I could make this post more "professional" - if there is such a thing for blogs but I simply cannot contain my excitement.

While it is Liverpool Legends which means my Stevie Gerrard won't be in the team I still get to watch Liverpool in my own country and some of the greatest players will be there and I cannot wait. I am also really looking forward to being around people who share my passion for Liverpool. AND my dad bought awesome tickets!!!
A Young John Barnes

Then on Tuesday, I get to watch Spain verse my country and while a lot of people are saying that Bafana Bafana will be whipped, on the two previous occasions in which Bafana played Spain we played really well. Perhaps it's that saying that applies : When you socialise with more intelligent people you will think on their level. Maybe when Bafana plays Spain they realise they are playing the greatest team currently out there and they want to ensure that that they look good doing it?

Either way, as you should know, I LOVE Fernando Torres but turns out he's not coming as he is injured :( I literally had to take a moment to process that when I found out. I love that man and I'm sad he's not coming but as it turns out, there will be some new talent coming along. Also, Gerard Pique, Xavi and Jordi Alba won't be making it which makes me sad BUT Pepe Reina will be coming as will Xabi Alonso and David Villa and how could I forget Cesc Fabregas?

And when I thought I had good tickets for Liverpool Legends vs Kaizer Chiefs.. my dad did better (2 rows better) for the Spain game.

I am so thrilled that I get to visit the Moses Mabida Stadium for a game, which I haven't done before and then I get to go back to the FNB Stadium, to watch the champions of the world!

So.. I will do game reviews next week with loads of photos I'm sure! I'll also be positng on Instagram and Twitter!

What is going on with you that makes you as excited as me? Have you seen any of these teams play? Who will you be supporting?

Have a great weekend and enjoy some good football!!

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