Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Humpday Confessions {Link Up #6}

Hello midweek blues! I'm just kidding, Wednesdays are fast becoming my favouirte day because I get to purge share my latest confessions with Kathy .

I confess

~ Spain and England were eliminated from the World Cup and I was am gutted! I honestly cannot imagine having to watch a Football tournament without Steven Gerrard but realistically he's aging and frankly, I would be willing to swap my age with his so he can keep playing. (Clearly I love this man more than a sane person should)

~ I still cannot believe that Luis Suarez bite another player! I mean, I know people love to hate him but seriously, how can such a talented footballer an adult not realise that it is WRONG to bite anyone else... wasn't he taught that in nursery school?

~ I checked out an ex's new girlfriend's page and I found myself thinking, she's awesome, we should be friends. She quoted one of my favourite friendship quotes so I instantly like her..

~ somehow my comments section on my blog changed to google plus comments and I don't know how that happened or how to change it to a more user friendly format (I'm willing to take suggestions here?!)

~ during last week's link up, I visited all 66 blogs which linked up and I think I commented on about 62/3 of them, I'm sorry to the three of four ladies I didn't comment on but I really didn't want to just comment with "great post" which a) may have been a lie or b) there wasn't much I could say and I don't like commenting for the sake of commenting oh and there was one blog I couldn't get onto because I didn't have permission and I was thinking - "Why would you join a link up and block your blog?"

~ I really enjoyed a LOT of the blogs I read last week so I am super excited to read everyone's posts today.Is that really a confession ? I don't think so ... but I do confess there were a few blogs I came across whether part of the link up or from clicking onto a different page and I was left thinking - there really is no rules for blogging. Apparently people forget their language skills or grammar skills or that they are attempting to speak to English readers?

~ my last confession is when I was younger and "in love" or "in like" I often thought that I would always love that person or have a special place in my heart for them but the truth is, now, I would maybe see them or hear from them and think " I hope they are happy"  but the truth is I sometimes forget some of them even existed how deeply I felt for them. At that time and perhaps for a long while after the relationship ended it would hurt but now I can say I don't harbour any feelings for anyone and that actually feels kinda great!

That's it for today folks, what are you confessing?

Vodka and Soda


Miche said...

I always feel weird about liking or wanting to be friends with my ex's new girlfriends, like the universe tells me I'm not supposed to..but sometimes they ARE cool!
Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

Anonymous said...

Let me ask you something, say your best friend was being cheated on while she's in a long distance relationship.... And you found out, would you tell her before she travels with him?