Friday, 6 June 2014

Hairstyles For When Your Colour Is Growing Out

Hello lovely people!

My hair is naturally a dark brown colour but I really prefer it when it is lighter. So in January this year I went and got some highlights and it was the lightest it had EVER been. It took some getting used to but I really liked it. However when I went to the salon, my hairstylist asked me not to touch my hair for at least three months. I obliged with five months. As I confessed, I recently changed my hair but while it was in transition, these styles helped.

I digress, while my hair was growing out, I was frustrated at how my hair looked while my darker roots were growing out so I took to Pinterest (here's the link to my Hairstyles board) and hoped my "creativity" would work. Some of the hairstyles worked, some did not! 


I think using a braid in your hair really helps and actually make the hairstyle look better because the contrast is highlighted. 

Anyway, do you have any recommended 'go to' looks when your hair colour is in transition?

Have a wonderful weekend by making someone smile today!

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