Friday, 13 June 2014

Last Minute Father's Day Ideas

Morning Everybody!!

How are things on your side of the world? Johannesburg is super cold and I'm counting the days hours until I get to go back to Cape Town. While I know Cape Town is ridiculously cold and raining Johannesburg's weather is so chilling I can feel it in my bones. 

The thing that is keeping me warm is my adrenaline with all the excitement of the Fifa World Cup starting last night and Spain will play today and England tomorrow (Whoop Whoop).

Back to the point of this post, it's Father's Day in South Africa on Sunday and as per usual I'm behind on purchasing gifts so I figured if I'm behind here must be others who are looking for gift ideas so here's what I recommend:

* A good jersey or cardigan :
If you opt for this option, you know whether your dad is more of a V-neck or round neck kind of guy. Also black or beige jerseys are never bad purchases. If you dad likes a particular brand go for those but if not, Woolworths usually has great options. Also if you're not sure what his style is don't buy him anything with too much detail. With dads, less is more!

* Pajamas 
In South Africa Father's day is always in winter so a good pair of Pjs are perfect if your dad is into comfort. Try to buy neutral or dark colours. Men are not like us, ladies, they don't want to be bright and noticeable. 

* If you want to give a more personalised gift, a few years ago my brother and I bought cufflinks for my dad and then got them engraved with his initials

* If your dad is a sports fan or has an appreciation for cultural events then buy him tickets to a game or a comedy show but make sure you buy one for him and for you so the gift is also some quality time!

* If he's passionate about a team, buy him his favourite club's team jersey.

I bought my dad the shirt his wearing and we went to watch a game together! 

So, I hope this helps you out if you haven't bought anything yet or if you have another option please share with me!!!

Have a great weekend, tell me what you have planned?

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