Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Humpday Confessions { Link Up #4}

Well looky here, I've managed to show up for a fourth time *woot woot* for me!!! So by now you should know I'm linking up with Kathy for Humpday Confessions!

I confess:

~ in my first link up with Kathy I somehow got my wires mixed up did not pay attention and said I was linking up with Steph and not Kathy for some reason? Either way I went back and read it after I published it and then changed it. However I felt like a complete asswipe and instead of owning up to it, I hoped no one would have picked it up

~ I hate family or friend politics! My theory or belief is simple, you don't have to like the people in your life just love them.  If you can't love them and can't keep your animosity to yourself then don't bitch to me because.....

~ But seriously, this last weekend I had so much of fun with my families. I was lucky because I got to see my mom's side of the family on Saturday and then flew to Durban to spend time with my dad's side of the family and while I only had 2 and a half hours of sleep for the 48 hours, it was completely worth it. I spent hours taking selfies with my cousins and then spent time celebrating the fact that my cousin is going to have her baby soon. 

~ Having spent this weekend (and the days before and after it) with family, I have realised how much I miss being around family now that I live in Cape Town.

~ I have never hidden the fact that I am not an Angelina Jolie fan but I needed to take my 9 year old cousin to the movies for a girls day and Maleficent was the only movie out which she could watch and I actually enjoyed the movie enjoyed watching my cousin's reaction to it. 

~ Yesterday I did my post on the Eye Candy guide to Brazil 2014 World Cup and I realised, I really need to work on using different programmes for my blog. That post which took days longer than it should have would have been so much easier with a slide show but I don't know where to do that online???? (Suggestions here would be awesome) 

~ I haven't been able to sit online and read my blog posts because I am not at home so I don't have unlimited wi-fi access and I miss hearing how everyone is doing?! 

~ I still haven't watched the end of The Vampire Diaries due to travelling but as soon as I get home next week it's the first thing I'm putting on!

~ Steven Gerrard joined Instagram last week Tuesday and I am obsessed with keeping up with his account. He is so sweet because you just tell he is new to the social media and sharing so much with the fans but it's just made me love him more than I did before (didn't think it was possible)

~ lastly, I am supporting England and Spain for the World Cup but I'm not sure if either of them can win it. I feel like it will be a a South American country who wins but hey, the ball is round?!

What confessions do you have to share today?

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