Thursday, 18 June 2015

You Probably Don't Know... {Link Up}

I've had a lot of news to share about what's been going on with me so I was super excited to share it today because I could meet some new readers and I could update my faithful readers all in one! So thanks Helene for forcing me to open up, it's about time!

For those of you who aren't familiar around here, I'll tell you, I'm South African but for those that are used to my surroundings, I wanted to share the big news... Well big to me anyway - I've moved to a brand new city. Durban, South Africa.

I'm still getting used to things around the city which explains part of why I'm not blogging regularly because I don't have a regular routine any longer... I have a new job, no; a new business venture which is going with the expected (and unexpected) teething problems. I've been house hunting for a while and it's a challenge and the biggest challenge is that Durban has always been my least favourite of the three big ones in South Africa but God has put me here and I'm ready to embrace it. 

I will blog more about it and my experiences of moving to a new city, finding friends/a boyfriend (which my family is all pushing me towards) and mostly finding myself. 

I hope you stick around to how how the changes happen.

Also, if you want to know more about my country, I've blogged about it on Amy's blog a few weeks ago but it's easier to send you there than to repeat it here. 

A few other random things you probably didn't know about me..

I'm an Aquarius (which is an air signbut everyone  thinks is a water sign) 

I am a huge soccer/ football fan whichever you care to call it.

I'm a pop culture junkie.

And Johnny Depp is 51, people - the sexiest 51 year old I've ever come to know! 

Remember to go check out the other bloggers sharing some of their stuff you probably didn't know... 

Helene in Between

x Nats x 


Stumbling Upon Lizzy said...

I can't wait to read more about your move and new experiences! It seems like everyone is moving recently. It's kinda getting me in the moving mood! Good luck with finding new friends and that boyfriend ;)

Diana L. said...

I had been here before.. I'm pretty sure of it, maybe last October? but it's good to be catching up! good luck with adaptation in your new city!

Helene in Between said...

that is incredible and so exciting!!!!! congrats!

Eleigh Llaneras said...

Oh gawd, Yess to Johnny Depp!! :D

Miss Eleigh Neux | Bloglovin

Setarra said...

Oh my word! Congrats on your move! Headed over to Amy's blog to read more about your home country :)

lil desiqua said...

Whoa-- that's crazy!! Definitely huge news! Congrats! Can't wait to hear more about the big changes!