Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Lusting List

Guys I have been shopping way more than I should and I still want more!! Isn't that the age old tale of wanting more then you have. Although to be honest, I probably haven't shopped for well over a year and while I would buy one or two things every couple of weeks there is still loads of things I need want no want and need.

SO here's my list of what I'm lusting over...

* Make-Up

I just bought a new concealer but I definitely want to buy a really pretty pink lipstick. MAC is my favourite but really I'm after the colour. I'm not sure what colour this is but I really like it... 

* Nail Polish

I have a slight obsession with nail polish but seriously, I want to own all of the colours from Morgan Taylor. Every single shade is beautiful and I want it. Now! 

* A New Trendy Coat

I'm really short and big busted so I can't really wear any type of coat . I usually have to get a longer coat, I have a cobalt blue coat that I adore but I really want a cute nude one but haven't found anything I love yet... something like this

* Home
I tweeted a few weeks ago I tweeted  that I'm househunting ... and I'm still househunting which is so frustrating...

And I really want this :
* Double door Fridge

What's on your lusting list??


Vanessa said...

Stunning pieces. ^^
Lovely greets Nessa

Kay R. said...

That lip colour is beautiful so if you find it definitely let me know!!

lil desiqua said...

I like the idea of that bright pink lipstick, but I always worry if it would match or clash with whatever I'm wearing. Just me? I absolutely love the fridge. I feel old just saying that haha!!