Monday, 22 June 2015

One Direction - On The Road Again Tour

Good morning lovely people from all around the world! Well technically it’s good afternoon, because I am actually prepping this post on Sunday! Yes, you read me correctly, I am prepping my post. This hasn’t happened in a VERY LONG time and it’s sort of weird because I’ve gotten used to just typing from the heart but today (and tomorrow when you probably read this) I feel like I have to share a review of my One Direction concert experience.

Now I know that the concert was on March 28th but I really could not let this experience go without recording my thoughts on my little bit of cyber space. You see, I’ve mentioned before that I’m a pop culture junkie but the truth is I really never grew up after I reached 15 (which is over 10 years ago for those keeping score). What I mean is, I’m very into all things which are popular and often I take a lot of flak for that but a few years ago I decided “Screw it! Why do I have to act like a grown up because everyone else wants that? I just want to be me”. Which, of course is a story for another day. Today’s story (with a very long intro) is about how I got to be the 15 year old version of myself when I attended One Direction’s concert.

You see, my cousin camped out for those tickets during her final year of High School so I knew we were going to make the best of the experience and for those keeping score,  this is the second time we’ve fan girled over a pop sensation. However this was a TOTALLY different experience.

A week before One Direction were scheduled to come to South Africa, Zayn Malik took a “break” which actually was him leaving the band which they announced just before they made their way to South Africa’s sunny shores.  I was angry, I’m not going to lie but that is also a story for another day.  The reason I even mentioned his departure is because that meant that our show, was the first official show of the newly adapted One Direction sans Malik. We were anxious ( and slightly heartbroken) to see what would happen to Zayn’s high notes – how were the guys doing. Really. Not the “ we’re happy for him” bull but rather the real away in which they have adapted to life without Zayn.

The hours coming up to the show were insane and honestly I can say that the SA Directioners out did themselves but what I should also add is that the moms of these teens were the most catty set of moms I have ever encountered at a show (and I went to Justin Bieber!). It was like five* four times the boys five times the catty. In retrospect, I would probably be the same for my kids one day.  Other than the moms who were pushy there was a genuine excitement in the air for the boys and the concern for everyone’s well-being was high priority.

The concert itself was ridic. I cannot put into words how ridiculously amazing they were. My few points would have been that Liam (my favourite) really rallied and performed as if nothing had changed and while to the tweens surrounding me that seemed cold, to me was the illustration of professionalism. Niall was probably the one who showed the most hurt during the show. Even when looking back at the numerous pictures and videos I took, Niall never looked at the front row (where I was!) and whenever he looked at thr crowd he looked into the far lights. To me that was because he looked sad so I think he took Zayn’s departure the worst or he hid his feelings the worst…

Louis, who was always my least favourite band member was kind of freaking awesome. He made me eat my words about if someone had to leave why wasn’t it him. It’s not that I hated him he was just my least favourite (you know you have yours) but then he had to the member who had the most incredible one on one moment with me. Pictured below. He is looking directly at me! I have the video of it too but the screaming is just insane and while Harry also looked at me I couldn’t capture the picture because of the insaneness that surrounded me.  Louis was awesome, he interacted with people in the crowd, made fun of those crying. He was definitely reserved but still managed to show his quirkiness which is a trait that has most tweens falling for him.

Lastly the beast that is Harry Styles. People, I cannot express in words how impressed I am with Harry. In photos and interviews he comes across as very mature and serious, cute  a bit quirky but serious. On stage – Harry is insane!! That’s the only appropriate word I can use to explain it. His energy levels were on another level, he also interacted with crowd. He spat water on me (#FrontRowProblems) numerous times and I loved it (#ImNotEvenSorry) . Seriously, walking away from that concert all I thought about was the fact that Harry is probably one of the best young performers out there and he does it without any dance moves.

[Side Note: Harry went out of his way to shake hands with the security personnel who were surrounding the stage #GotToLoveTheBritishChivalry.]

There were moments in the show that felt a little sad that Zayn wasn’t there but the boys didn’t mention it which is probably better because the tears would have been rolling even more than they already were from my surrounding concert goers.

If you recall, a few months ago I went to The Script’s (and Phillip Phillips) concert and I told you it was still so intimate on a large scale this was the opposite. Well, this was massive showmanship, crazy, quirky, fun and sexy. The group delivered vocally, effortlessly and beautifully. Whether you’re a fan or not, if you get a chance go watch them. Adults will make fun of them for being a boy band until you watch them perform, they are beyond brilliant performers and are definitely worth every penny you pay for them.

Who is or was your favourite boy band??? 

Talk to me;)

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Diva Desle said...

The concert looked amazing. I sure it was super sad because Zayn wasn't there. I am happy that you had an amazing time with these cute guys serenading to you ;-)