Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A Few Confessions

I haven't been around for confessions in a very long time but I miss it and I miss all the ladies' confessions... so here I am, ready to go... let's do this.


... I am running super late this morning so I will probably publish this post before checking for typos, I guess I'm sorry seeing that I do belong to the grammar police!

... I still haven't watched  Jurassic Park. I heard it's made tons of money but I have no urge to see it. At all. I didn't really like it when I watched it the first time round but whatevs.. 

...  I'm kinda sad that all my shows are done. I can't even fathom how GoT will be without a certain person or will that certain person come? ( Trying not to give away spoilers for those that still haven't watched it!) Also Greys?! Seriously what the heck is going on with killing off my favourites.

... I recently shared some big news as to where I now live and this weekend a whole lot of my family is coming and I am super duper excited 

What have you got to confess?

x Nats x


Vanessa said...

Lovely post. ^^
New post is online...

Kay R. said...

I haven't watched Jurassic World either and probably won't - giant lizards ... Ugh lol