Monday, 1 June 2015

June Wishes + Weekly Wishes

I cannot express how I feel now that June is upon us. Here in the Southern Hemisphere it's officially winter but the truth is where I am I am still wearing shorts and sandals without a chill but more detail about that will come during the course of the week.

Yes, that means I will be showing up later this week and I'm so excited to get back into my blogging. I know I've been pretty much absent for the last couple of months or if I'm honest 2015 - but today I am promising myself (and all of you) that I will be here and if I decide to stop blogging I will let all of you know.

Considering that it is Monday and the 1st of June, I figured I should set out my wishes and/or goals for this month and week thereby killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.

* To create a routine for work which can be flexible if there needs to be changes

* To finish planning my blogging schedule and to actually draft some posts

* Eat healthier

* Complete 210 minutes of cardio a week.

* Go shopping (seriously, I need to buy some new clothes and make-up)

* Go on more dates. This one is probably the most challenging with my schedule and well because men don't want to date any longer they just want to hook-up and well, as Kelly says... 

So... what have you got planned this month?

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Diva Desle said...

Yeah I can't believe it is June and Winter already. I really need to start getting fit too. Sigh! ;-)