Thursday, 6 November 2014

Pizza Hut Is Back!

For most South Africans my age, Pizza Hut played a major role in our childhoods, there must have been at least one birthday party with Pizza Hut pizza and then suddenly the brand wasn't doing well here anymore and eventually it left South Africa.
I was carrying my niece

Well, when it came back a couple of weeks ago, I received a notification in one of my family group chats and I got soooooo excited. I used to love their pizza and the nostalgia of the pizzeria had me visiting them sooner than someone who is on diet should be!

The actual place is much smaller than I expected but after listening and watching interviews it is clear that the owners who brought the franchise back to South Africa underestimated the popularity the brand would bring. The premises they are currently are in is extremely small but they are planning to open many more branches and I hope they bring back the feeling of sitting in a proper pizzeria. With this branch being so tiny they only have two small booths and a few scattered tables outside the premises but there are no plates, you break your box lid up in four and have your four plates. 

Also, I like that they don't give you an order number, they use your name ;) #ItsTheLittleThingsInLife

I must say the pizza tasted exactly how I remembered, we ordered the thick base and it was delicious. The menu isn't as large as I remember it being but the options available are great and you can always create your own pizza. 

So what's your favourite pizza topping?

Also, watch this space tomorrow, the lovely Victoria from Social Media Blooms will be guest posting.


Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

i make my own pizza and my fav topping is fresh pineapple! last friday, i added organic ham and that was a real treat with the pineapple :)

Anonymous said...

You had me at pizza. I love pizza. I live for pizza.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I grew up on their pizza too! Love their super supreme pan pizza. Their thick crust tastes so good.

Kay R. said...

Pizza Hut is my childhood! Although I dont love it as much anymore, it does hold a special place in my heart lol