Friday, 18 September 2015

Let's Be Real

I can't believe how my laptop not working has really messed around with my blogging schedule and my life in general. Isn't it insane how much we depend on technology? I, of course say this to you via some means of technology - the irony is not lost on me. 

The truth is, and this is what I intend to discuss today, is that our online personas are so far from who we are in real life that at times I think we spend more time worrying about "Will this make a good picture?" "Should I blog about this?" "Will my readers want to know this?" "Will they still like me?". My last question is the biggy. WILL YOU STILL LIKE ME?

The internet has become such a huge part of who we are and how we communicate that it's only fair that we should care about our online image as much as we do our real life image but and here's where I'm going with this thought process... shouldn't the two images be the same, or somewhat aligned?

People in your real life don't get to see the filtered/edited version of who you are and you know what, most of the time they like you anyway. I think it's incredibly important for us to align our online personas with the real person. I think I shared the article about the guy who was flying all around the world to sit down for coffee with all his Facebook friends and of course I think that is an incredible idea but it got me thinking.. do I even want to have coffee with some of my Facebook friends? Sometimes I see photos being posted on my timeline and I honestly have no idea who it is in that photo I am supposed to know. Am I alone in this?

Also, I think when I was younger I used to add everyone on Facebook or accept friend requests if we had a few mutual friends but the truth is now I am so reserved and try to limit new friends because I don't want people in my business AND then it hit me.. then your business probably shouldn't be put out there. So it's not. I have resisted sharing my new work related developments with my online community and resisted sharing details of being an employer as opposed to an employee and I've resisted sharing my frustrations as well as my joys. 

So I think, I need to really work on aligning my online persona with my real life one (which shouldn't be too challenging because I have been so silent online) but also I think I need my real life personality to start shining through a little bit more. 

In upcoming posts, which I have yet to plan, I will share what's on my mind and really get back into blogging or facebooking or instagramming or tweeting because I want too and because I have something to say not because I feel pressured to share the perfectly filtered version of who I think you want to see. 

Whoa! That was a heavy post for a Friday but it is Friday! Tell me what's your weekend looking like?


Diva Desle said...

I remember a time when it was cool and you were seen as awesome if you had 2000 facebook friends. Most of those people nobody even knows. I only have like 300 facebook friends because I prefer quality over quantity. I also stopped accepting friends I have never met before. I totally agree with you regarding internet personas. It is not who we really are. Only like 5% of life is shown on twitter, facebook and instagram. I sometimes wonder what people think of me when looking at my social media pages. Lol

Kay R. said...

Thus is so true!!! Social media is a helluva thing and I am constantly in a mind warp because of it all!

Laura @MissLauraBora said...

I am always wondering who is in my Facebook feed even though I don't accept starngers.. I'm always seeing random people appear in a picture saying " X was tagged in this" and I'm thinking who the hell is that!

Sanskar said...

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