Friday, 24 October 2014

Don't Grow Up

I feel like this may well be a pointless post because if you're reading this blog you're probably old enough to realise what every adult out there knows, life is easier as a kid.

While being an adult and doing what you want because you're paying for what you want has it's obvious perks, being an adult is difficult.

Paying the bills I can still deal with it but making difficult all decisions are challenging because literally every decision you make has an even bigger reaction. I'm a definite list person, it's the lawyer in me, weigh up pros and cons and your decision is easy, right? NO, wrong! 

And ofcourse while there are decisions concerning other people's lives I can give a to the point answer because, hellllllo, I don't have to deal with the consequences. 

The last 12 months of my life have  been extremely difficult in the decision department and I have had to rely heavily on my faith in God to get me through. I have made decisions where the people around me do not understand and even I at times did not see the bigger picture but I truly believe that taking a leap of faith is what's getting me through it all! 

So the point of this post is simple.... Don't Grow Up! When you're in your teens, think about that only enjoy those challeneges, when you're in your 20s stop stressing what your 30s will be like so that when you're in your 30s you don't have to wish to be your irresponsible 20-something year old self. 

Also, my one beauty item I can't live without is sunblock, I've mentioned this before and while I know some may argue sunblock is not a beauty item, my skin would beg to differ.Check out what the other ladies can't live without from the #Blogtober14 link up with Helene and Tay 

A song for you this weekend... 

What's your weekend plans???


JetsettinDaisy said...

I have a sunblock obsession too! It's all over my house. LOL

Leslie said...

I think sunblock is totally a beauty product. I agree though, at times being an adult sucks. Today for instance it is beautiful outside & I'm stuck at work until 6pm.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

hey nat! i've been there. pray, have faith and believe. everything will turn around. many people won't understand and that's ok. what you're going through is between you and God. he'll pull you through. ((hug))

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie,
I nominated you for an award, details at:

Vanessa said...

Such a cool post. ;-)
Wish you a wonderful week...