Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Liebster Award aka Confessions about Me ( Link Up #14}

Hi Everybody,I'm a bit very late today but here it goes...

I was nominated for two Liebster Awards in one week and I’ve decided to combine the two nominations so I wouldn’t bore you with too many facts about me.

Secondly, this is not my first Liebster Award/Nomination so you can click here to check my previous one out.
Why don’t we get started?

11 Facts about me:
  1.   I’m an Aquarian.
  2.   My birth date is the 21st of January and when I was younger all the magazines I used to read would say that Capricorn ended on the 21st and Aquarius started on the 21st so my family used to say that was the reason for my multiple mood swings.
  3.   I don’t even really believe in Horoscopes, do you?
  4.   My mother always calls me "Natalie" she never uses a nickname or pet name. Never. In TWENTY SEVEN years!
  5.   I haven’t actually figured out this blogging thing even though I’ve been doing it for more than a year already. While my readership has steadily increased my actual followers have been much slower. Suggestions anyone?
  6.   I’ve been to a male strip club, it was weird and I don’t plan on going again unless it’s for an occasion.
  7.   If I could, I would visit Ireland every time I went on holiday.
  8.   I travelled through parts of Europe on my own last year and I wasn’t even worried (unlike my dad)
  9.   I’m a lists kinda girl. I always write out lists when I’m feeling overwhelmed so I can take charge of the situation.
  10.     I unfollowed a few of the “big names” in the blogging world while I  liked the ladies for the most part, I found at times I was marking their posts as read more often than actually reading them.
   11.      Once when walking through an airport, my jeans fell off me. Thankfully it was the middle of winter in Europe so I had a whole additional layer of black thermals.

That’s for me to know:

Katie’s Questions:

//what is your favorite movie, and why?

Dirty Dancing, I never get bored of watching it. The soundtrack is great and I like that it was released the same year I was born…

//if you could pick one thing to do for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Travel around the world lecturing about law and the importance of travel.

//describe your best friend.

This one is difficult because I have a few but the qualities that they all share is that they are all independent woman who are well educated, witty and protective of my heart. They are non-judgmental and all share an appreciation for travel and books the way I do.

//comfort or style?

Comfort, while I don’t wlk around in crocs for comfort I don’t wear ridiculous shoes just because they’re in.

//if we were to go out drinking together (in a bar just hanging out), what do you think we would drink and talk about?

We would probably be drinking a sweet cocktail if I get to choose and we’d be talking about our careers, new travel plans or reminiscing on old ones and well, boys of course!

//have you ever done anything illegal? don't be confessing your murders or anything like that to me, but like if you stole your mom's car before or smoked weed. something like that.

Not that I can think of, I’ve never taken any drug in any form and I haven’t stolen anything but I guess I did drive while being over the legal limit when I was 18, it was a close drive but I’ve never done that again.

//what's your favorite song? why? does it bring back a special memory or do you just love the beat?

My all time favourite song is Debrorah Cox – Nobody’s Suppose To Be Here the song was released at a very transitional time in my life plus I love the lyrics.

//if you could swap genders with the opposite sex for one day, what would you do?

I would have no idea what to do with myself, there is nothing that men do that I ave any desire in doing.. boring I know. 

//would you rather use sandpaper for toilet paper or hot sauce for eyedrops? yes, i love the would you rather game.

LMFAO… sandpaper, no hot sauce ok, sandpaper.

//what decade do you really think that you should have been raised in? explanations are necessary.

I jump between the early 1900s and the 1950s. I love chivalry and being treated like a lady and having men actually do the pursing but then the problem I have is, what about woman’s rights were and I’m grateful I wasn’t born then.

//am i the only person that actually really likes nickelback, or do you too?

I like nickleback, well, their music, I’m not necessarily a fan of the band members.

Doneida’s Questions:

**Whats your favorite TV Show?  Tell me about which character you most relate to!

There’s a few but I think I’m going to go with One Tree Hill. I am a cross between Peyton and Hayley. Hayley for the good girl image but Peyton for her feelings and they way she relates to music for comfort or clarification.

**If you could have dinner with 3 deceased people, who would it be and why?

Michael Jackson, I think he was a bit crazy but clearly he was an intelligent man with a lot to say.
Nelson Mandela, I find it fascinating how he was able to be so forgiving after all that he lost during the apartheid and I would want to know what he really felt about how South Africa is 20 years post apartheid.
My grandfather on my dad’s side of the family. I would just want more time with him plus I think he would be able to lighten the mood after Nelson Mandela said that SA is not what he hoped for and when MJ realised that no plastic surgery was going to make him white on the inside.

**Whats the last thing you do at night?

Recently, I’ve been falling off to sleep watching Orange Is The New Black but usually check my phone.

**Do you have any pets??

I have a horse,Uptothemoon but she’s a retired racehorse and while my dad has told me repeatedly she’s not a pet, I love her as if she is one!

**I love Big Brother, especially the Evictions. If you could nominate one celebrity for “Eviction” from popularity, who would it be, and why?

Good question… umm it’s a toss up between Lady Gaga and Rhianna. I just don’t understand what the obsession is with these ladies. While I respect it and their huge followings, they really don’t add much to my life. I hate their dress sense or lack there of oh and could they take Kanye with them???

**Who is your Favorite Singer? Song?

Mariah Carey – Whenever You Call.

**If a celebrity were to play you in a Lifetime movie, who would you want it to be?

My little knowledge of indian actresses is a problem right now but maybe Mindy or Frida Pinto. Mindy would have my personality down but I don’t thin we look anything a like. Personality wise, I would opt for Zooey Deschanel. 

**What’s your real life job?

I’m an attorney.

**What is the best gift that you have given? Why did you choose to give that specifically?

For my bbf’s 30th birthday I gave her a cd with 60 songs. 30 songs from each year of her life and another 30 that either mean something in our friendship or relate to a specific moment. Plus I included cake pop set because he has a passion for baking, a puzzle of Tower Bridge because she loves difficult puzzles and Tower Bridge because I wanted it to be something that she connected too and we had been to Tower Bridge together and I bought her something else but I’ve completely blanked on it. It wasn’t necessarily the best gift but one I remember well for the reasons I gave each thing.

**Where is your favorite place to visit?

**What is your favorite phone app, and why?

I really make use of Period Diary. I am so forgetful and I always forget to put stuf in my phone so I use this app to help me out also because I’m always looking for flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town!

Now, I nominate the following ladies:

Emily - The Rant

Tracie - Tracie Everyday

Shelley - Oh, Shells Bells

Here are your questions (and don’t forget to let me know once you’ve done your post so I can check it out)

  1.   Who’s your favourite blogger and why?
  2.   What’s your favourite post you’ve ever written, share the link?   
  3.   Kardashians : Love or Hate?
  4.   Would you be able to recognise Prince Harry or a fake knock off on a TV show?
  5.   What’s your favourite book and why? 
  6.   Biggest Pet Peeve?
  7.   Who do you think could be your best friend if only you two actually met?
  8.   Dream holiday destination?  
  9.   You can have dinner with any four celebrities, who’s invited?
  10.                 Why did you start blogging, are the reasons still the same?
  11.                What’s your most played song on your iPod/iPhone?

Also considering how I have had to share so much with all of you today, I’m filing this under Humpday Confessions with Kathy!


Kasey At The Bat said...

OH HEY THAT'S ME! Thanks girl! Also, have I ever mentioned that I'm insanely jealous of anyone who travels to Ireland? I would move there in half a heartbeat.

Victoria said...

Lovely post. Enjoyed reading this, and I envy you so much for going to Europe all on your own. What a brave girl you are.

ohshellsbells said...

thank you so much nats! i really appreciate the nomination, i will happily reply to your questions in a post, probably tomorrow!! I love the way you describe your friends, that they protect your heart. that is so important and i think that is what my friends do for me too, but i never had the words to explain it until now. i have the same issue with readership... my pageviews are going up but actual followers are minimal haha. I am not sure how to change it but if i figure out a way i will be sure to let you know

kdglisson said...

Anytime, Sweetie! Love your answers! Of course we would talk about boys, probably while watching Dirty Dancing and drinking cocktails!

Tracy said...

Ok I thought I was doing something wrong because I can't figure out why my page views and comments are always going up but my follows don't seem to go up at the same rate. No suggestions, but you're not alone! ;) I recently unfollowed some blogs and some were bigger ones that I realized I barely read anymore because they're just not that interesting!

Anonymous said...

Woah...So much to say here. First of all, I am so happy you accepted my award :)
I would have never said "oh hey, I wanna go to Ireland." Until I saw my cousin's pics from her trip-insane! So pretty! I hope to get there one day!
Dirty Dancing is my fave too!!
Good-Bye Lady GaGa!!! And you're a fantastic gift giver!!!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

I love New Girl :)
I've been blogging for 8 years & I still don't get it myself :)
Dirty Dancing - I went to the CONCERT they did... front row... Eric Carmen... enough said :)

Em @ said...

Say whhhaattt? Oh man I'm so honored, I'm blushing and stuff! Thanks for the nomination! So amazing that you have a horse! :)

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Hahaha... I've only been to female strip clubs - I think I'd just laugh the entire time if I went to a male one!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Clubs of any kind turn me off! Lol I get my horoscope everyday for kicks. Sometimes they're right. Could be lucky? Just keep being you and bloggers that share the same interests will gravitate to you. You have an independent and unique voice :)

Kay R. said...

I could totes be a dude for a day ... or a week. Id have a blast. Also no I dont really believe in horoscopes and I certainly dont read them but I love to say Im a virgo haha

Kimmi said...

I'm on the LIST!!!! Whoo HOO!!!!! Also Lists are the bomb diggity. (does anyone say that anymore???)

Jess said...

Ireland is on my list of places to go! I've never been to Europe.

Jenn, said...

hello fellow aquarian! i'd love to visit Ireland, seems like such a beautiful place. In terms of "growing" your blog numbers, things that have helped me are participating in group giveaways with "bigger" blogger. some don't stick around, but if you have content that they can relate to, a lot of them do :)