Monday, 14 July 2014

Lessons learnt from Eat Pray Love

This morning when I was on the treadmill, yes you didn't misread that.. I was on the treadmill, not exactly running jogging the entire time but I was moving lets face it movement is better than no movement. As I was saying, I was on the treadmill and watching Eat Pray Love for the third time which may seem like a lot but movies I like I watch at least 50 times so it wasn't comfort I was looking for, I was looking for the reason this book and then movie changed so many people's lives. 

Now of course, I've actually read the book so I must admit, I sort of got it but still thought it was overrated. However as I grow older and wiser  I realise how much more I identify with Liz. If you haven't watched the movie or read the book this may help you to decide if you want to... 

These are my lessons 

1.) As a woman you have to learn to trust your instincts. There are so many woman (and men) that stay in relationships which turn to into marriages even though they know they are settling. This may not have been the case when Liz got married but the more time she was married to her husband, she realised that she wasn't like the women around her. It's extremely difficult to not be like everyone else, know it and act on it but you must act on it otherwise you too could end up on the bathroom floor begging God to save you from a life of existing not living.

2.) You have to find contentment on your own. Looking for contentment doesn't mean you are settling. Even when you are incredibly happy... you need to be content in that moment. 

3.) We need to give more. I know there are loads of people who do charity work and give generously but this story got me thinking.. how often do we give to those who surround us... our family, our friends - especially when they are embarking on their endeavors. When Liz asks her friends to send her money 

4.) People will screw you over, they are more than likely desperate, don't hold it against them. Liz helps her friend with money to rebuild her home but the friend tries using Liz to get more money then needed for the house. She eventually sees that this is the way of life. 

5.) Sometimes, you got to just buy bigger jeans. 

6.) Travelling alone is okay. It's scary but you have to trust your instincts. When you're a traveler ( and not a tourist, there's a difference) you feel it in your gut and you should go with it. People may frown on you travelling on your own and you may leave families/boyfriends/jobs to search for yourself but if you can afford to do it - GO!

7.) Happiness comes from within. This may seem cliche' but it is God's honest truth. If you cannot be happy by yourself, you will NEVER be happy with anyone else.

What did you think of this story? 

PS: I know Germany won the World Cup, it's official.. every team I supported in this tournament lost. 


Kay R. said...

I truly love that book. WAYYYY more than the movie. Great lessons!

Vanessa said...

Wonderful post. ;-)
Lovely greets Nessa

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I loved that movie and you brought up some excellent points. I believe life is a journey. Every person and situation is preparation for something in the future. I use to say, why did I go through this or that? It was revealed years later. I also learned to let go. It's hard, but important. Some things are not meant to be. You can spend your precious time on something or someone else. People are malicious. That's why I trust no ones words and only their actions.

Victoria said...

Lovely post. Love the movie + the yummy food in there, beautiful scenery too. :)