Tuesday, 28 May 2013

TV addiction : TVD Season 4 ends

One of the things I promised myself was to always be honest in my blog posts so I have an admission to make - I am a TV addict! So to aid my addiction I just have watched the season 4 closing episode for the Vampire Diaries and I must admit I was happy with it for the most parts.

Ok so in the spirit of being honest I really enjoyed this episode because Elena finally makes her choice, humanity and all, and there were so many good love moments throughout the episode.

Rebekah and Matt
I know there has been a vibe for a while between these 2 but it seems that Matt is finally giving into the possibility of his feelings for the Original vampire. 

Bonnie and Jeremy
He comes back to have his goodbye moment with his sister and his ex-girlfriend but the sweetness between Bonnie and Jeremy is so simple and sad in this clip below
Caroline and Klaus
This is my second favourite couple in the show. Although I think Tyler is so incredibly beautiful and he is in love with Caroline, being the drama queen that I am, this relationship is too boring but this goodbye scene between them had me in tears

Back to the last episode, Klaus continually gives in to Caroline's wims and I love this line "Tyler is your first love but I intend to be your last" and I honestly cannot wait for their relationship to develop..

Elena and Damon!
Yes that's right they are the couple that came out of the whole brother love triangle!
The scene in which Elena declares her love was very reminiscent of "the 10 things I hate about you" from the same titled movie (10 Things I hate about you poem )
But this time it's called "I'm not sorry!" and needless to say I was once again in tears but happy tears :) I'm such a girl! 


meghan silva said...

Girl I am such a huge TVD fan I can't even tell you , love Delena they have always been my dream couple . Brilliant post.

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Nats ~Coral Tinted Perceptions said...

Yay, this is my first official comment on the blog (as opposed to FB or tweet responses) so thank you!

Victoria said...

Haha, love this... :)