Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Turquoise Tuesday

So today someone started the day by trying to piss on my cornflakes, I don't know why but I can only assume that they had or are having a rough day.

Now I am no Saint, in fact I've been known once or twice in my life to be moody and take my moods out on other people BUT I have to say as I have grown up I have made concerted efforts not to let how I am feeling in a moment drizzle down onto someone else's day.

I have made it my personal rule not to wear blue on a Monday so that I am not pulled in any way into a "blue monday"but it now appears that I will have to stop blue on a tuesday because there is some kaleidoscope of blues going on at the beginning of the week and I am not loving them!

My thinking is clear, we all have personal issues and even in our personal lives - not all aspects of our personal lives need to be advertised and keeping  your bad mood to yourself is like keeping your business private!

That being said as the day progressed it got better with time and it always surprises me that when things feel bleak that just one or two unexpected compliments make everything a little bit brighter. When was the last time you said or did something nice for someone else?

That being said, I think it is appropriate to add some motivation to this bleakish day.... hope you enjoy it!

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