Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Humpday Confessions {Link Up #5}

Good morning lovely people of blogland!
It's Wednesday so you know I'm linking up with Kathy at Life In Progress for my weekly confessions. Without further delay I confess...

~ ... I cannot be happier to be back home. It's not that I didn't enjoy travelling around Durban and Johannesburg and especially seeing my family, I really just missed home comforts.

~ ... spending time with both my mom's family and my dad's family was pretty awesome and it reminded me how much I miss living near them because sometimes it's fun to just hang out with the crazies in your family who love you because we're all the same shade of cray cray ;)

Some of my mom's side of the family

Some of my dad's side of the family

~ ... the World Cup is on and the amount of shocking results is ridiculous especially because my teams have been on the receiving end of the shocking results. 

~ ... I have over 100 blog posts to catch up on due to the intermediate Wifi access over the past two weeks and frankly, way too much life happening for me to read about everyone else's lives. 

~ ... due to the large number of blog posts I have to catch up on - I will be judging whether I read posts or not based on the titles.. #SorryNotSorry

~ ... when I left for my trip I cleared space on my PVR all the way down to 26% , I've returned to 95% so it's safe to assume I have a lot of TV to catch up to. 

~ ... while reading Bailey's blog (Vanilla Blonde) I shared her realization and thoughts on assumptions about the fact that social media correspondence does not mean I am actually keeping in touch with friends - sometimes you have to actually talk to them so I will be texting / whatsapping / calling / skyping

~ ... while I was in Joburg, my hairdryer broke - while blowdrying my hair it suddenly started sparking and I was like 

~ ... I'm loving the fact that Kathy has changed the button for the link up because even though I loved Ryan on the button, I am totally more a Ian fan!

~ ... speaking of Ian, last night I finally watched the finale of The Vampire Diaries and I full on cried (like ugly cry but not as ugly as Kim

And on that positive note.... what do you have to confess?

PS: Last confession, I couldn't get the button to work :( so click here for the link

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