Monday, 30 June 2014

Girls Night Out Knocks Me Out

On Friday night, after I spent most of the day with a migraine I got dressed up for Girls Night Out with two of my besties and two more of one of my bestie's friends. Initially Friday night was supposed to be a belated celebration of one of my friend's birthdays. I've never actually asked them how they feel about being a part of my blog so I'll call her Bestie 1,  while I was in Johannesburg and Durban early last month I missed her birthday which is obviously bad form so we agreed to go this past Friday night, she was going to bring along two additional friends of hers. It just so happened, Bestie 2, was in Cape Town for the work and the weekend and we decided we needed to get together to celebrate what we called "the fallen exes" - the reason behind that s a whole other post and maybe one day I'll tell you about it. 

I digress, Friday evening I picked up Bestie 2 and we went for dinner, which was delicious at Salushi in Claremont we had a catch up session with cocktails, sushi and an array of tapas starters. 

Unfrozen Margarita and Pink Lava
After we were done, we went to pick up Bestie 1 and her friends but before we left another round of drinks, this time a little Gin and something pink for me I think.. 

Bestie 1's friend said she had a friend (guy) who invited her to a few places where he way deejaying and we should come because he'll put us on his guest list. In light of the fact that we didn't have any particular set plans of where were going, besides the fact that we wanted to dance, we agreed. I'll spoil the next bit of the story, these places do not have nor need guest lists

When we walked into Place One, we were the only females in the place, everyone looked at us like we crazy to be there... and then like we were meat.

She called her friend but he had gone to Burger King quick and wanted us to wait for him. Ummmm, NO. We agreed for her sake we would go to the next place and wait for him. 

Place Two, was better, but that doesn't say much of anything because the first place was so crap. Except that there were actually females in the second place and it didn't  have a foul smell. 

At this stage the girls were saying we can have a drink or two and if we don't like it we could go to another place but I don't drink and drive (over the legal limit) so if we were staying we had to stay all night because I was going to get picked up with my car later. I can't remember how it happened but we decided to leave and the consensus was go to Long Street (if you ever visit Cape Town or have been before, you'll know that Long street is the long street with bars and pubs and clubs where people hang out) because there are lots of options. 

After 20 minutes of driving around town looking for parking, and all my passengers who have lost their earlier buzz we made it into Place 3. It was definitely different to Places 1 and 2. The music was much better but it was so packed that some of the girls were feeling hot and bothered, and not in a good way. After a few rounds at this place, one of the girls elected to stay in Place 3 and the rest of us made our way to Place 4, which we clearly had to walk to.

Rounds 4, 5 and 6

Place 4 was reliable, we've been there often, it's got a nice vibe and enough space for you to dance but still mingle.The only thing was they were using their smoke machines way too excessively and every time they used it I would spend the rest of the song fanning in front of my face so I could see again. We drank some more but mainly danced and chatted. It got a bit awkward at times because I clearly forgot what protocol is for when a guy approaches you in a club so at times I felt like this... 


Essentially we stayed there until they kicked us out at 04h15. 

However, Bestie 1 said she was going to take a cab with her my new two friends and Bestie 2's sister was in the area and would take her home so I just needed my parents to come fetch me and my car so I could get home. Which they did. 

Lessons from GNO:

1. Have a plan of where to go
2. Don't mix your drinks too much
3. Never drink Jagermeister shots 
4. Have a back up plan
5. Dance, chat or drink (ideally all) with your girlfriends
6. Have a designated driver or at least awesome parents that will come out and fetch you and your car at 5am.

I felt so tender on Saturday night, but still went bowling and on Sunday I realised that it wasn't all the alcohol that hurt me but more a bug I seemed to pick up because Sunday night I was still in a ridiculous amount of pain when clearly all the alcohol had left my system. 

This was yesterday's feelings

I haven't had a night out like that in a while and it was so much fun but I think the 20 year old version of GNO and the 27 year old version of GNO in my books no longer mean the same thing.. I cannot take two days to recover from one night...

What's your favourite thing to do for GNO??

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Nat, all I can say is you had an adventurous time! HaHaHa