Sunday, 9 August 2015

Steven Gerrard

I've shared my obsession for Steven Gerrard and Liverpool Football Club on this blog before and then a couple of weeks ago I went through the uprooting of my life and moving to another city and my blogging took a dip. I did spend a lot of time on Twitter and Instagram sharing reflections about him but he deserves a post which is dedicated to him.

At the beggining of the year, Steven Gerrard announced that he would be leaving Liverpool FC and I was beyond heartbroken. I watched his interview where he discussed it and I cried my eyes out, in fact as I recall it and while I am typing this my eyes are filling with tears again. 

You see, I've read Stevie's books (more than once each) and I know him as much as he's allowed the fans into his life. I have watched any documetary I could get my hands eyes onto and I have loved this man - so much. I wish I could pin point what it is that I love about him but I think it's everything, it's his insipring nature, his beautiful blue eyes, the permanent frown lines, he's incredible talent and his overwhelming passion. This man is a man. He's had a lot of tough moments as a Liverpool player and captain and he's come out on the other side the better man for it. 

I've often said to my family if I could find a man that I love even half as much as I love Stevie, I would be happy for the rest of my life. I know that sounds strange but there's this odd feeling I get when I see posts or read articles or think about this man so I know the way I love him is sort of how I would love my husband, unconditionally and with admiration for the man that he is. However, I digress, this post isn't about my future husband, no, it's of Stevie. 

You see, this weekend the new English Premier League started and a part of me dreaded it. I love EPL football but the fact that Stevie wouldn't be featuring in it just felt wrong. I've spent over 10 years watching and loving this man and this team and well, obsessing over him and suddenly I've felt slightly lost. So yesterday was the game, Liverpool FC versus Stoke City FC and it was good because we won but as it ended I really just missed seeing Stevie playing. 

In case you were wondering, Stevie is still playing football or soccer now for LA Galaxy. He's even scored already... he looks so happy with is family in LA, I swear Alex Gerrard was made for Hollywood. I am so pleased that he has adapted to LA life but I will miss him being a part of the EPL. It's just not the same without him... 

Also today is a public holiday in South Africa because yesterday was Women's Day but because it fell on a Sunday we get Monday off and while I'm still working it's a more relaxed mode.. so if you're in SA or wherever you find yourself in the world, have a great Monday!!! 

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Diva Desle said...

Steven Gerrard is such a legend!!! I am actually a born and bred Man United supporter. So that makes us rivals on the field Natalie. I know my team sucks. Lol ;-)